With 15 years of experience teaching in cooking schools throughout the world, as a certified protocol and etiquette instructor, as well as chief flight host on a private VIP jetliner, Angie is not only accomplished at the fine art of cookery, but her passion for the field shines through with elegance and sophistication in everything she does.

Originally from Zürich Switzerland, Angie has lived in Lebanon, England, Italy, France, New Zealand and just recently, Singapore. She is fluent in English, High German, French, and Italian. Angie has spent the last 8 years sharing her passion for cooking and proper etiquette with students in cooking schools throughout Singapore. Previously she spent 15 years as chief flight host on private jets traveling worldwide and tailoring service courses for flight attendants to serve at the highest standard to guests such as business and political leaders. As the host on the flights, her experience with preparing the meal plan, instructing flight attendants in the art of food presentation, proper etiquette, as well as wine pairing, has provided her with the experience that has made her a world class caterer.

Angie and her family moved to Vero Beach just over a year ago both to be closer to her husband’s parents, as well as for the beautiful quality of life that Vero Beach offers. They have really grown to love Vero, as they knew they would, after spending many vacations here in the past 7 years. Their daughter is so thrilled to be in the second grade at St. Edward’s School and enjoys being involved in the many activities the school offers.

Hosting a cocktail party, holiday party, or corporate event is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy the company of your guests. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the stress and anxiety of making sure everything is just right, and feel like a guest at your own party? Good conversations, a carefree effortless evening with delicious food and happy guests, is the experience you want. Angie can make your evening effortless by taking care of all the planning, cooking and cleanup of one of the most important aspects of the evening: the culinary experience that enlivens the palate and enlightens the senses.  Make your next party a night you and your guests will talk about and remember as a fabulous time with great friends and delicious delicacies.

Angie will continue to keep her business small, simple, and representative of the quality, sophistication and attention to aesthetic detail that her clients have grown to expect. Because Angie attends to the highest level of quality, presentation and detail, she is only able to serve a limited number of clients, but with her extensive catering menu of hors d’oeuvres and sweet delicacies, she is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Call for a consultation, and lets plan how to make your next event effortless, enjoyable and an occasion to remember. Angie can be reached at 772-696-1828.

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